Now to Work On My Diet

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Event Updates

I always have a laugh when I tell people that i’m on a diet and the first response is “but you are so thin already, you’ll disapear away to nothing” but in actual fact “Diet” according to wiki means “the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group”.

To that definitition technically everyone is on a diet of some sort, and to go “on a diet” would more so refer to a change of food intakes to not only put on weight to a healthy amount but also to gain some muscle and attribute to a healthier lifestyle.

I have to admit that although my eating habits are rather strict at the moment, I have had KFC and pizza once each in the last 2 and a bit weeks. Although these foods are not exactly optimal, I am not resisting my food urges to the extent that they are non existant. I am more so complementing them with an otherwise high protein, high carb healthy diet.

My original problem has also been not eating enough, or not eating regularly. I always associated eating breakfast with the activity that would follow otherwise (school usually), and eventually it would be “didn’t want to go to school and didn’t want breakfast”. My reasons for my thin stature may not be as mysterious as I thought.

In my latest readings i’ve noticed that high carb food in moderation will assist in healthy weight gain. The one thing I didn’t think of was to make certain additions to my current meals to try and get some of those much required proteins and carbs into me.

I am working on fitting a few more meals into my day which include sweet corn, potatoes (high in carbs) and avacado (high in protein). These 3 items when combined with other meals make some of my favourite dishes so it wouldn’t be hard at all to add these in a higher quantity.

I am keeping my fluid levels up with a combination of full cream milk and lots of water, one thing I have noticed from this is my ability to get a great nights sleep (I am also getting 8 hours sleep a night too).


Well my first proper gym session started off with flying colours, not only could I not find my runners but there was a huge array of drivers not concentrating trying to push me off the road almost like I was destined to never get to the gym after 4-5 months since my last gym session.

I pushed on and finally got to the gym in one piece, then to find out that the whole area around the gym was out of power and the gym was nearly pitch black. Interestingly enough we were allowed in if we wanted (Occupational Health and Safety issues anyone? LOL) and I decided to push on and start training. A variety of Cardio, boxing and some leg exercises on a few of the machines was a great way to spend 30 mins. I jumped on the training bikes and found myself struggling more than I thought on the fitness bikes, I did try wind in the tension of the wheel relatively tight so I could get used to standing up to ride. My legs did seem to struggle after about 10-15 seconds of Medium/High tension. More work will need to be done but i am confident with 3 sessions a week for the next 2-3 months before the events I will be in better overall shape.

Current Weight Class: Paper Clip Weight – 57kg

Introducing My Team Mate

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Event Updates

Well there has been some awesome news over the weekend, my best Mate Kurt will be kindly joining me on both the Bupa Around The Bay and the Eastlink Ride For Homes Event. 

Kurt has been a fantastic mate for going on 10 years now, and used to work at a Bike Shop down the road a few years ago. The ride on you see on the right was Kurts 3rd bike, he had originally given it to a mate and since hearing that I was attending these events may have brought some interest up. He contacted his friend and ended up buying the bike back, there will be some changes done to the bike which range from colour choice, new handlebar grips and an overall tune up of the bike.  He’s a great mate for taking part without a doubt and I wish him the best of luck on the day (if he see me in front from all the way at the back of the pack haha)

And Now The Training Begins

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Event Updates

While I have not completed my thorough grocery shop to start preparing food for assisting with replenishing damage caused during workouts and storing energy levels for more prolonged training, I am off to a great start keeping my training in good order.

I adjusted my SPD cleats to the loosest setting so that I can begin getting used to clicking in and out with relatively good success. At first I tried putting a mirror under the pedal so that I could see myself clicking in but knew that the mirror wouldn’t be there in the future so there was little point getting used to it being there.

Clicking out of the SPD cleats still feels a bit strange but i’m sure I will get used to it. At the moment its taking me on average about 10-15 seconds to click in and about 2-3 seconds to click out. I can tell i’m anxious about them though, the other night I dream’t that I was riding my Kestrel bike near a lake and somehow slipped off the track and fell in the water. I just remember not being able to get my foot loose and ended up sinking to the bottom of the lake. I am grateful it was only a dream but as a result I won’t ride near any lakes for a long time (unless i’m wearing a lifejacket) haha.

This Friday I have an appointment with the Gym Consultant to work on a diet and also set out a schedule for my training. To say that i’m excited is an understatement. My main focus at the moment is on the Bupa Around the Bay Event.

My last ride was yesterday, I was only able to get about 15km one way done before it began to start pouring rain. I was using my Mountain bike due to the new Gitane Mach 1200 still requiring some work to be done on it:

New Brake Shoes Front And Back
New Shifter Cables
Deraileur Adjustments
New Chain Required
New Front Crank

I only paid $80 for the bike so it wasn’t too bad, it retailed for around $850 according to a few sources so I didn’t mind putting in a few extra $$ and learn some things on the way.

Off to the gym tonight for my first formal Session, lets hope all will go well and that i’m off to a good start.

Huston We Have a Problem

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Event Updates

In my rather limited current knowledge to Cycling Events I didn’t realise that my Kestrel KM40 will actually be illegal to race within the Eastlink Ride for Homes event due to the aero bars. Never fear, I have bought a Gitane Tiagra Road Bike which has the traditional Loop Handlebars. After a search on the fantastic Bicycle Network web site I have descovered another event on Sunday the 21st of October 2012 which is called Bupa Around The Bay. Not only is this event earlier than the Eastlink Event (as i’m super keen to get started), but the Charity event also allows me to ride my Kestrel KM40. I have opted for the 100km distance, being the first event I would prefer to pace myself and take in the scenary. I was most impressed to hear that my best mate will also be joining me on the event, he used to have a Stunning Peugot Road bike 7-8 years ago but since stopped Cycling. My best mate will be using the Gitane Tiagra for the Bupa event which is great news.

With my current dietry intake (or lack there of) being less than appropriate, there are immediate changes taking place that will ensure that I am getting a suitable amount of protien, carbohydrates and vitamens to assist in my energy levels and recover better after a training session.

The Event itself in November is somewhat daunting as much as it is exciting. I am looking at attending the Untimed portion of the event which will still be the full 75km distance but at a less proficient pace.

I’m not quite sure if I am heading in the right direction food wise, but i’ve replaced my Soft Drink intake with cups of milk (still a decent amount of water too)

My breakfast was a decent bowl of Sultana Buds with Full Cream Milk and my consisted of a 535g tin of Heinz Big and Chunky Beef soup, While not optimal, I wanted to make do with what I had in my draw at work. Dinner will comprimise of an evening out meal with my Girl Friend which should compromise of a nice steak or bowl of pasta and Water (not directly at the same time as the meal though, I heard that the food will be better absorbed if I don’t drink at the same time as eating).

I have made an appointment with my local gym this week to get a program written up to help me get in shape and set my food intake requirements more appropriately.

Its all falling into place slowly.

I have so far set my first goal, close by to me there is actually a race that takes place on the Victorian Eastlink Highway in which the full length of the road is closed off for this one event. The Event is on the 14th of November 2012.

To be honest my knowledge of the restrictions and guidelines are very llimited at the moment, I am hoping to train hard in the months prior to the event and keep focused. As much as I would like to set my objective of this Race Event to win, I may need to get luck on my side considering its my first race and as we speak I am in no way focused or fit. I am trying to set my goals at a reasonable level so I am able to reach certain points of success further allowing me to set the bar higher.